October 15th, 2011 Car Show Photos - 26th Annual Mississippi On Wheels Charity Car Show - New Albany, Mississippi


This year they had 192 registered entries.  Here are a few photos of some cars that weren’t blocked in too badly.  Besides my ’87 442, the ’70 Rallye 350 and ’78 Cutlass from the October, 2007 page were there.  The Rallye 350 won a First Place trophy in the 1970 - 1975 Production Cars class, and the ’78 Cutlass received a First Place award in the 1973 - 1984 Modified Cars class.


Union County Courthouse - New Albany, Mississippi.


Facing the courthouse, this bank parking lot is across the street to the right of the courthouse.  They park entries around the block, so if you want to see everything you have to go “marching up and down the square” as Michael Palin said in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.



 Another shot of the Regions Bank parking lot across the street from the side entrance of the courthouse.



Bob Smith’s 1979 Pontiac Trans Am with a 6.6 Liter Olds 403.  He got a 2nd Place trophy in the Firebird/Trans Am class.



This 1964 Chevy Nova is owned by Jerry Stanton of Hickory Flat, Mississippi.



A 1971 Chevy Chevelle owned by Eddie Stacks of Ripley, Mississippi.




Here’s a 1963 Chevy Corvette Split-Window Coupe with Fuel Injection from the factory, owned by Randy Glover of Somerville, Tennessee.  It’s painted in a 2005-2006 color named Daytona Sunset Orange.



This 1965 Mustang GT is owned by J.D. and Scott Mize of Tupelo, Mississippi.



Ronnie Morgan of Tupelo, Mississippi was showing this nice 1970 Mercury Cyclone.




A 1936 Olds Sedan owned by Dewayne Laney of Amory, Mississippi.  It’s equipped with a 307 “Y” code engine from a 1981 Delta 88.  He got a 2nd Place award in the Street Rod class he was in with many entries.



This 1964 Ford Galaxie is owned by Henry Myers of West Point, Mississippi.



Here’s a 1995 Chevy Caprice Classic station wagon owned by Donnie Borden of Russellville, Alabama.



A very nice 1985 Chevy Monte Carlo SS owned by Blake Russell of Guntown, Mississippi.  This car tied for 2nd Place with four others in the 1976 - 1995 Production Cars class.  (A lot of the early 1900’s Production classes had no entries, so the club took the extra trophies and added them to the later classes that had a ton of entries so everybody wouldn’t go home empty handed.)



My 1987 Olds 442 received the only 1st Place trophy in the 1976 - 1995 Production Cars class.  Let’s hear it for the orphan.



Poncho from Paul Gilligan’s Pooch Café comic strip joined Bully for watchdog duty.  (I trust my boy Bully way more than I do that little sneak Poncho.) 

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