May 17, 2008 Car Show Photos - No-Limits Kustoms Spring Bash - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

This was my first trip to this particular show.  Most of the entries were tricked-out trucks, so they only had two stock car classes.  The first was “Pre 1975” and the other was “1976 - Present”.  First Place went to an ’03 Mitsubishi Eclipse, my ’87 Olds 442 took Second, and Bob Smith’s ’86 Buick Regal done up as a Grand National clone placed Third. 

With the large turnout, it was fine to place at all.  It only got up to 76º with very little humidity, so it was nice and cool all day.  A good time was had by all - I enjoyed driving my car and was happily surprised at the good mileage I got with the 307 “9” code V8. 

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