June 22nd 2002 Car Show Photos - Nauvoo, Alabama


This is a 1971 Pontiac Grand Prix with a little over 7,000 actual miles.  The paint and vinyl top are new, as well as the belts and hoses and hood insulation, but the interior was all original.  Beautiful car…


The owner found this 1971 license plate in with some old belongings saved by his late father-in-law.  Alabama and Mississippi only require rear license plates to be “legal”, so you can put whatever you want on the front.



An absolutely beautiful 1967 Pontiac GTO.  At first glance, that may look like a 1970 442 parked next to it, but it was actually a 1970 Buick GS.  The front end fooled me for a just a second.


 Here’s a stunning 1959 Pontiac Catalina.  Beautiful car…


This is a very nice example of a 1986 Pontiac 2+2.  The owner is from Vernon, AL, and he immediately recognized my car as Bill Pennington’s “old car”.  (See http://newmand.oldsgmail.com/87442.htm for details.)  This one took second in the class.


This 1985 Monte Carlo SS was the third entry in the 1984 to 1990 Production Class.   Very nice car.  It was obvious that it’s garage-kept before I ever spoke to the owner, because the original maroon interior wasn’t faded a bit, and his windows aren’t tinted.  This one took third.


My 1987 442 on display, complete with the “100 Year Celebration” flag on the passenger’s side window.  I didn’t make it to Lansing for the Oldsmobile Centennial in 1997, but I did get my hands on a flag later. 


This is my little “car show buddy” that guards my car when I’m not around.  Kids love it, and he’s been known to get an extra point or two from the lady judges at various shows, especially if they happen to be Mississippi State Bulldog fans.  (Hey, whatever works!)   d'accord

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